NEWS ~ NDP defends Canadians’ right to vote

“Instead of going after electoral fraud, the Conservatives introduced a bill that attacks our democracy,� said NDP Democratic and Parliamentary Reform critic Craig Scott (Toronto – Danforth). “Once again, the Conservatives have proven they cannot be trusted when it comes to making our elections laws better. Their bill will muzzle Elections Canada and give the Conservative party an unfair advantage.�

The new Conservative election bill will make it tougher for Canadians to vote – but easier for well-connected insiders to play money politics. Vouching and voter ID cards will no longer be accepted, preventing thousands of students, seniors and First Nations people from voting.

Moreover, Bill C-23 will prevent Elections Canada, our electoral body, from speaking publically about democracy, the importance of voting, conducting research or engaging with Canadians in projects such as Democracy Week or Student Vote. At a time when voter turnout is going down, this just does not make any sense.

“We’re inviting all concerned Canadians to join us and speak out against this undemocratic bill,� said Scott.

The NDP petition can be found here:

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