NEWS ~ George Derby health care workers losing jobs

Burnaby, BC    Peter Julian, NDP MP (Burnaby-New Westminster) has denounced the disrespectful actions of the government towards Veterans and their families.

“The Harper Conservatives have been demoralizing our veterans by continually implementing reckless cuts to services. Managing and supporting long term care facilities that address the evolving needs of veterans is a commitment that the government of Canada should never waver from. In Ottawa, the Department of Veterans affairs will be cutting 804 jobs over the next three years. Closer to home in Burnaby, the George Derby Centre will be firing in house staff and contracting out their work to private companies, affecting close to 100 trusted employees who have become part of the family to the veterans�, said Julian.

The goal of the Centre is to provide care and services to residents who are Canadian Veterans of the Armed Forces.  “I have witnessed first-hand the supportive environment that enables the residents to live a meaningful life. They are treated with respect and dignity by competent and concerned staff. George Derby’s high standard of commitment to the well-being of their residents is a source of pride in our community and under no circumstances should that level of care be compromisedâ€�, added Julian.

Families of veterans at the Centre fear that the standard of care will become impersonal and undervalued. The Veterans will be forced to forge new relationships with strangers on a day to day basis. The loss of familiarity will be traumatic for seniors, especially those who have lost the ability to communicate and rely on the knowledgeable and personal care of staff.

“Sunday, November 11th is a day of remembrance for the fallen. Let us not forget our veterans in our communities who fought for Canada and served our country so faithfully. They deserve so much better�, said Julian.


 For more information, please contact Sandra at 604-775-5707

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