IN THE HOUSE - Debate – on military exports to Saudi Arabia

44th Parliament, 1st session

Madam Speaker, we have seen the government's reaction. It does not want to talk about these fundamental human rights issues. That worries me. We saw the same thing with military materiel exports to Saudi Arabia. Several MPs asked why Canada was supporting the possible violation of human rights over there. It is inconsistent. The government is always talking about the fact that it wants to support human rights, but it does not want to have that debate today.

What are the member's thoughts on the government's refusal to discuss human rights and take the necessary measures?

Madam Speaker, I thank the member for Wellington—Halton Hills for his commitment on human rights. I think this is an important debate that has been started today. What concerns me, frankly, is the reaction from the government. We heard from the member for Winnipeg North just a few minutes ago, who seemed irritated about the discussion around human rights.

We have certainly seen this with the government when we raise issues such as the export of Canadian military goods to Saudi Arabia and human rights violations there. The government seems perturbed, seems angered when human rights are issues that are front and centre in the House of Commons.

I want to ask my colleague from Wellington—Halton Hills, why does the government react this way on fundamental issues of human rights?

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