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In my riding in New Westminster and Burnaby, we have cities that are desperately looking for infrastructure funding. The deficit on infrastructure funding has increased. It is now well over $170 billion. The concern is, of course, the fact that we need the infrastructure funding and yet there are tens of billions of dollars that have been promoted by the government as part of its budgetary documents but not allocated to those municipalities across the country.

That is the problem, and that is why it is so obvious, I think as a member of Parliament and should be to all members including members of the government, that what we need is more transparency, and we need the Auditor General to look into this issue. I am a little disturbed by the purported amendment by the government because what it would do is take away the ability of the Auditor General to look into this.

Therefore, my question is very simple. Given the fact that there is so much concern around infrastructure funding, why are the Liberals opposed to having the Auditor General fully look through all aspects of infrastructure funding?

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