Petitions - armed conflict and humanitarian crisis in the Republic of Yemen

Context : Presenting Petitions

Mr. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NDP): Madam Speaker, I am pleased to present an electronic petition that was initiated by Alan Lensink from Halifax and sponsored by former member of Parliament Kennedy Stewart, who is now mayor of the City of Vancouver. The petitioners, over 500 from every province in Canada and northern Canada, are very concerned about the ongoing civil strife in the Republic of Yemen, the fact that thousands of civilians have been killed, millions have been internally displaced and are facing famine and malnutrition.

For all of those reasons, they are calling on the Government of Canada to initiate an exceptional diplomatic effort urging the Saudi-led coalition to immediately cease all air strikes and open up all possible diplomatic channels to urge the combatants to agree to a cessation of hostilities and to work for a long-term, peaceful and democratic resolution. As well, they are calling on the Government of Canada to undertake a massive increase of life-saving humanitarian aid to Yemen and I would add personally that the government should not be accepting arms exports.

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