IN THE HOUSE ~ On Official Opposition Day Motion on Unemployment Insurance

Context : Questions and Comments

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I enjoyed, as I always do, the speech from the member for Hamilton Mountain. She is a very passionate advocate for ordinary Canadian families.

She pointed out that this is nothing less than a punch in the gut to seasonal workers, to families that are just trying to get by, to make sure they have

food on the table and to pay for their kids' education. There are a whole bunch of consequences to ordinary families that stem from this very mean-spirited

action by the government.

I would like the member for Hamilton Mountain to comment on what this means for whole communities. Families are getting this punch in the gut from Conservatives. What does that mean for small businesses in the communities that are impacted by it? What does it mean in terms of economic development? To what extent does this lead to a domino impact that is going to reach whole regions of the country? Could she comment on that please?

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