IN THE HOUSE ~ on Liberal government's closure motion on Bill C-14 (medical assistance in dying)

Mr. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NDP): Madam Speaker, we are dealing with a closure motion today that allows very few members of Parliament to speak. We saw a couple of weeks ago the government pull Bill C-14 from the Order Paper a number of times. The members of Parliament actually wanted to speak on it.

We saw as well a government refusing even the ability yesterday, under closure, knowing that we had a vote on Monday evening, to allow members of Parliament to speak during the day. It defies logic that non-partisans of this nature would be treated so reprehensibly by the government.

I ask the member, given all of the concerns raised by legal and medical professionals, their communities, given all the concerns raised about the lack of constitutionality of the bill has now been pointed out in two court decisions, why does he think the government is trying to ram through this bill in such a partisan and inappropriate way?

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