IN THE HOUSE ~ Member's Statement - Another Conservative Senator under investigation

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, another day, another Conservative under investigation.

    Senator Pamela Wallin is now under investigation for her expenses. She is alleged to have spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on flights to Toronto.

    University of Regina constitutional expert Howard Leeson is calling on the Senate to remove Senator Wallin for failure to comply with constitutional residency requires.

    All the while, Conservatives claim senators are “hard-working parliamentariansâ€�. The average senator worked only 56 days last year. That is 309 days off a year. This is the ultimate Conservative gravy train.

    New Democrats have always rejected Senate appointments. We demand that party operatives stop doing partisan work on the public purse.

    We demand they pack up their fundraising operations and go home, back to Kanata and when the last of these unaccountable Conservative political operatives go out the door, they can turn out the lines on their way out the door.

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