Bill C-336 follows the lead of many other jurisdictions that have already enacted similar legislation, notably the European Union and the State of California in the United States.  Bill C-336, would require all products, especially foods, household cleaners, and cosmetics, sold or imported into Canada containing toxic substances to have clearly marked labels specifying their toxic contents to the consumer.

“Why shouldn’t consumers have the right to be fully informed of what might be dangerous to their health, or the environment, when they go to the store to purchase a product? The federal government must ensure that companies respect that right.  Labeling products is one of the most effective and practical ways to protect consumers. It's common sense,â€� said Julian.

Julian’s Bill builds on existing Canadian legislation that provides for product labeling in the case of poisonous and other dangerous products.  Under Bill C-336, failure to follow the regulations for labeling products containing toxic substances would be a criminal offence, subject to fines or imprisonment.  The list of toxic substances that Bill C-336 covers is comprised of a host of the most comprehensive worldwide lists, including agencies of the European Union, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, and Health Canada.

“Labeling products containing toxic substances is a clear area where Parliament needs to act,� pointed out Julian. “If the liberal government is genuinely concerned with consumer safety and public health, it should uphold the consumer’s right to know.�

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