A National Seniors Strategy will commit the federal government to a long term plan of action to implement the many changes necessary to ensure an adequate quality of life for seniors now and in the future. It would ensure that seniors have access to high-quality and affordable healthcare and housing. Additionally, it would improve the financial security, quality of life, and the integration of seniors within society.

“No one should have to grow old in poverty, insecurity and isolation� stated MacGregor. “People should be able to age with dignity. We need the federal government to work with the provinces and territories, and with seniors and their organizations, to make that a reality.�

“The number of seniors in Canada is set to double by 2036. As a country, we will face new challenges to address this change.  If we plan carefully and start implementing measures now, we can ensure that seniors’ health, housing and financial security are all addressedâ€� says Mathyssen.  “Addressing issues facing seniors is not only our moral responsibility, but it is also our fiscal responsibility. If we don't act now we will continue to waste billions of dollars in ineffective spending.â€�


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