On December 5th, MP Julian re-submitted his Motion in the House of Commons, calling on Parliamentarians to support a Canadian Green New Deal. It remains the first and only legislative initiative before the House of Commons in the 43rd Parliament, advocating for a Green New Deal. The motion is based on different models worldwide including the resolution submitted in the US Congress by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York and Senator Ed Markey from Massachusetts. Law makers in countries around the world are currently looking into introducing similar legislation.

“The Green New Deal is the call for an ambitious government-led mobilization to make the investments necessary to stop climate change and socio-economic inequalities� said Julian. “By making public investments in clean and renewable energy, housing retrofits, and electric vehicles, we can drastically reduce our carbon emissions while creating well-paying, unionized jobs. The Green New Deal is about saving our planet, while making sure that all Canadians, including the workers in carbon-heavy twilight industries are given good family-sustaining jobs as we transition into a new renewable and clean energy economy.�

Julian’s Green New Deal motion specifies that a Green New Deal will respect agreements, treaties and meaningful reconciliation with First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

“We have a climate emergency in our country. Canadians are coping with floods, forest fires, killer heat-waves and massive storms – we are already living through catastrophic climate events. It has never been more urgent that we transition to a low-carbon economy,� said Julian. “At the same time, we have almost half of Canadians reporting they are $200 away from bankruptcy at the end of each month. We need a Green New Deal, because we won’t solve the climate crisis without ensuring the everyday Canadians benefit from the public investments a low-carbon economy will require.�

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A call to support Motion M-1 for a made-in-Canada Green New Deal

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