Proud Boys and other extremist groups added to Canada’s Terrorist List

NDP motion calling for this designation passed the House of Commons unanimously over a week ago

(New Westminster) – Yesterday, the federal government finally designated the Proud Boys as a terrorist group and placed them on the terrorist list. This was called for when the House of Commons unanimously passed an NDP motion demanding the government take this action on January 25, 2021.

Peter Julian NDP M.P. (New Westminster - Burnaby) stated, “these white supremacist terrorist groups have been committing acts of violence and inciting attacks on Canadians. This designation will give the government and law enforcement additional tools to combat these dangerous extremist hate groups that need to be disrupted and dismantled. I am encouraged that the government followed what Jagmeet Singh and the NDP called for and that the House of Commons unanimously supported. There is a lot more work to do.”

The designation allows for legal and financial ramifications for people participating in or who are otherwise tied with these groups. Specifically, the Criminal Code includes charges for people or organizations that deal with property or finances of a listed entity. It also criminalizes certain actions such as training and recruitment.

Further, those trying to enter Canada may not be allowed in if they are found to be affiliated with a listed group, and the Public Safety Minister could revoke the passports of anyone deemed to pose a threat to travel to engage in terrorist activities.

As revealed in a US Department of Homeland security memos issued in September 2020, white supremacist groups remain the most "persistent and lethal threat" in the United States through 2021.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service Director David Vigneault told a Senate committee back in 2019 that his agency is "more and more preoccupied" with the threat of violent right-wing extremism and white supremacists. He stated that his agency is very troubled by "the number of ultra right-wing extremists" active in Canada, "We are seeing people using the methods of the terrorists to cause harm”, he testified.


For more information contact Doris Mah, MP Julian's Office at 604-353-3107

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