NEWS ~ Contracting out of Services at the George Derby Veterans Hospital

OTTAWA – Official Opposition Critic for Veterans Affairs, Peter Stoffer, MP (Sackville-Eastern Shore) will be presenting a Motion next week to the Standing

Committee on Veterans Affairs in Parliament. The Motion would require the Committee to examine the contracting out of services at George Derby Hospital

in Burnaby, BC.

“We owe our freedom to our veterans and yet, we are seeing a very clear deterioration in the quality of public services offered to veterans in the last few years�, said Stoffer. “The contracting out of services represents a further deterioration. I hope that committee members will do what is right and support this study.�

The contracting out was announced on October 30th 2012 and affects a number of different services at George Derby Veterans Hospital including housekeeping, clerical and recreation services, laundry and dietary.

Peter Julian, the local Member of Parliament, was very supportive of Stoffer’s initiative. “The NDP takes this contracting out very seriously. In so many other cases, contracting out has led to the deterioration of services. Between the federal and provincial governments, we are asking this contracting out to stop�, said

Julian. “We have seen this government deny veterans a decent funeral and cut back addiction and mental health services. It’s our turn now to fight for our

veterans, and stop this.  Canadian veterans have the right to access the quality services that they deserve.â€�

The Motion has been circulated to members of the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs, which should debate and vote on the motion in the next two weeks.

For further information: 604.775.5707

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