Member's Statement ~ affordable housing crisis in Burnaby

Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby):

Mr. Speaker, Jagmeet Singh and I met in Burnaby last Friday with organizations and individuals who are at the centre of the affordable housing crisis that we are experiencing, and with families who are more and more impacted. We met with Kevin and Nikita who are trying to find an affordable apartment for their small family. They are worried, and with reason. We met with Heather and spoke with her about her concerns. She is trying to find an affordable apartment for her family, including her disabled mother. She is weeks away from being homeless. She said she is losing sleep at night. Certainly we understand: Who can blame her? We met Edward who wakes up every morning trying to find an affordable apartment. He told me that as a senior he worked all his life and never expected to be homeless, but in 13 days he will be without a home.

The Prime Minister says that Canadians can wait, but people in Burnaby cannot wait. British Columbians cannot wait. Canadians cannot wait. We need to have affordable housing built now in Canada.

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