OTTAWA – Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair today unveiled the New Democratic vision for Canada’s energy future—a comprehensive vision based on partnership, sustainability and long-term prosperity.

Speaking at the Economic Club of Canada, Mulcair outlined how successive Liberal and Conservative governments have failed to show leadership or to meet their obligations, and how a New Democratic government will work with provinces, municipalities and First Nations to secure Canada’s energy future for the 21st century.

“Canada’s natural resources can be a source of prosperity for generations to come—if we do things right,� Mulcair said. “New Democrats are laying out a new vision for a new century, one that creates lasting prosperity, instead of feeding an endless cycle of boom and bust.�

The New Democratic Party believes that energy is the motor of the Canadian economy and our energy vision includes practical measures to strengthen Canada’s energy sector, create middle-class jobs, protect the environment, ensure the support of Canadians and of our trade partners, while making Canada a global leader in the clean technology sector of tomorrow.


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