IN THE HOUSE ~ The Conservative government should try listening to Canadians on Nexen takeover bid by CNOOC

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, Canadians have good reasons for doubting the government: because it has failed Canadians every time.

Take Hamilton, for example, where U.S. Steel broke promises to employed Canadians and, when meekly challenged by the government, was able to get the

Conservatives to give way simply by making more promises. What about the broken promises of Rio Tinto, the broken promises of Vale? Time after time after time the government backs down, rolls over and does not enforce conditions.

Why are Conservatives asking Canadians to trust them on Nexen when they cannot get it right anywhere else?

Hon. Gary Goodyear (Minister of State (Science and Technology) (Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario), CPC): Mr. Speaker, the NDP sent an anti-trade mission to Washington to advocate against Canadian jobs. The NDP has opposed every trade deal we have ever brought before this House including free trade with the United States.

Let me be clear. The opposition members want to politicize this review so that they can impose their anti-trade job-killing agenda on the country and scare away all

foreign investment.

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the majority of Canadians oppose this takeover. On this side of the House, we are actually listening to Canadians. The Conservatives should give it a try sometime.

Why would Canadians support this deal when the government simply will not give them any answers to questions like: Will Conservatives protect jobs, the environment and our resources? Why do the Conservatives never enforce conditions on any deal?

We do not know the answers because the Conservatives refuse to bring this deal before the public. When will the Conservatives do the right thing and hold a full public review of this takeover? When will they listen to Canadians?

Hon. Gary Goodyear (Minister of State (Science and Technology) (Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario), CPC): Mr. Speaker, we obviously have listened to Canadians and that is where we bring up our economic action plan, which has produced 800,000 jobs in this country. It is about decreasing taxes.

We have listened to Canadians who have said very clearly that they do not want a $21 billion carbon tax that would hurt seniors, students and small business.

We are in fact going to look at this bill very carefully and, as always, we will do what is in the best interest of Canada and Canadians.

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