IN THE HOUSE ~ Statement ~ NDP Stands with BCers on Northern Gateway pipeline

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, now more than ever New Democrats stand with the people of B.C. against the northern gateway pipeline and against this narrow-minded government. This decision is wrong for B.C. and wrong for Canada. Yesterday's decision sets a dangerous precedent for natural resource development in this country. The Conservatives are telling Canadians that they will not be heard. Bringing supertankers into the Douglas Channel is wrong-headed, short-sighted, and entirely wrong.

    Not one of the 21 Conservative MPs from B.C. has stood up against this project. Not one has let the voice of their province be heard.

    The Conservatives work for the PMO not their constituents. In 2015, an NDP government will finally listen to British Columbians and set aside this decision because Canadians deserve better and they will get better from the NDP in 2015.

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