IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ Will this minister clean up the mess that he has created on CNOOC takeover bid on Nexen?

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, what Canadians should be counting on is being consulted by the government. Canadians deserve better than what they are getting from the government.

    Yesterday, the convoluted message of this minister sent the stock market spinning yet again. The Conservative government has missed deadlines time after time. The Conservatives have made decisions in the middle of the night, they have confused investors around the world, they have shut down any consultations with the Canadian public. This is no way to run a G8 country. This is not even the way to run a lemonade stand. It is all a mess. Will the minister clean up the mess that he has created?

    Hon. Christian Paradis (Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture), CPC): Mr. Speaker, as soon as NDP members open their mouths there is a major investment chill. They are against foreign investment in this country. The Liberals, like they said a couple of weeks ago, would rubber-stamp each single form of transaction.

    Canadians can count on their responsible government to make sure that each single transaction will be evaluated on its own merit.

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, under the NDP we would have clear rules and public consultations. That is why for so many Canadians 2015 cannot come soon enough--

    Some hon. members: Oh! Oh!

    The Speaker: Order. The hon. member for Burnaby--New Westminster has the floor.

    Mr. Peter Julian: Mr. Speaker, those members really cannot bear to hear the truth.

    The deadline will apparently be extended again to December 31, New Year's Eve. While Canadians are celebrating New Year's, Conservatives will be selling them out, because there is no plan to ensure that state company investments benefit Canada, no public review of the Nexen sell-out, no rules for the public and for investors to have confidence in. It is disrespectful.

    Why is the minister showing such disrespect for Canadians?

    Hon. Christian Paradis (Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture), CPC): Mr. Speaker, the real form of disrespect that we can see is from NDP members. They say they care about foreign investment when they do not. They are against foreign investment. They are anti-trade. They propose putting a carbon tax of $21.5 billion on the shoulders of Canadians. That is irresponsible.

    Canadians can count on their responsible government, a government that is open to foreign investment as long as it provides a net benefit for Canada. That is exactly what we are reviewing in the best interests of Canadians.

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