IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ Will the Harper stop ignoring Canadians' concerns on Nexen takeover bid?

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, it is not just foreign involvement in telecommunications where the government is ignoring the wisdom of Canadians.

Months after it was first proposed, Canadians are still in the dark about the

consequences of the multi-billion Nexen takeover. Now we are hearing serious

concerns from the business community, workers, environmental experts and members of the Conservative caucus, none of whom are being listened to by the

government on this deal.

Will the minister stop ignoring Canadians and commit to using the 30-day extension to hold a thorough, transparent, public review of the deal and do what he should have done in the first place?

Hon. Christian Paradis (Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture), CPC): Mr. Speaker, we will do what has to be done. We will always act in the best interest of Canada and the transaction that the member is talking about will be scrutinized very closely.

I must remind my colleague that we have put in place additional measures such as

state-owned enterprises guidelines back in 2007. We also put additional

measures in 2009 to take care of national security issues.

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