IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ Why is this Conservative government so irresponsible?

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M. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NPD): Monsieur le Président, la date butoir pour l'approbation de la transaction Nexen est maintenant à seulement neuf jours. Si cet accord est scellé, une société d'État chinoise se verra conférée un droit illimité d'acheter des ressources naturelles canadiennes.

En raison de cette nouvelle entente d'investissement, si le Québec, par exemple, essaie de limiter la propriété étrangère de ressources naturelles de quelque façon que ce soit, le Québec pourrait se faire poursuivre aux tribunaux.

Pourquoi le gouvernement conservateur met-il en péril les ressources naturelles


L'hon. Christian Paradis (ministre de l'Industrie et ministre d'État (Agriculture), PCC): Monsieur le Président, bien au contraire.

Mon collègue fait état de la transaction de Nexen, et comme on l'a toujours dit,

elle va être scrutée minutieusement. Avant de prendre une décision, il s'agira

d'évaluer si la transaction amène un bénéfice net pour le Canada. Chacune des

décisions sera prise à l'avantage des Canadiens.

What we will not advocate for are the kinds of policies advocated by the members in the NDP who are anti-trade, anti-investment, against the development of natural resources and for a job-killing carbon tax of $21 billion that would be put on the shoulders of Canadians. We will not stand for it.

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, it is not just that Conservatives make stuff up, they do not even seem to understand their own agreement. After FIPA, after Nexen, a Chinese state-owned company will have the unlimited right to buy up Canadian natural resources. CNOOC and Sinopec have already set their eyes on potash. If a province like Saskatchewan or Alberta tries to limit foreign ownership of its natural resources, it will be

challenged under the law.

Did western Conservative MPs really come to Ottawa to preside over the greatest

sell off of our natural resources in Canadian history? Why are they so


Hon. Ed Fast (Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the member is simply wrong and the louder he speaks, the less worthy he is of an answer.

Canada's economic fundamentals lead most of the developed world. In fact, we lead the G7 in terms of job creation, 820,000 new jobs, but the economic recovery is fragile. That is exactly why we need trade and investment: to drive economic

growth and job creation here at home. What we do not need during these fragile

times is an NDP $21 billion carbon tax that will increase the cost of groceries

and gasoline.