IN THE HOUSE ~ Question to Minister Morneau on moving closure on Bill C-74

You can watch the video here:

Context : Questions and Comments

    Mr. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NDP): Mr. Speaker, how ironic. I stood up just a few minutes ago and raised a point of order, which you will be considering, Mr. Speaker, given the size and scope of the fattest, most obese omnibus piece of legislation in Canadian history, and just a few minutes after that, the Liberals moved closure to shut down debate. It is absolutely absurd for Canadians who actually believed the Liberals when they made commitments to be different in Parliament. We are really seeing the Liberals act like the Harper government on steroids. It is absolutely and profoundly disrespectful to Parliament what is going on here with closure being invoked on the most massive budget implementation act in Canadian history.

     We know why the Liberals are moving closure. It is because, as debate started, we found out that pharmacare is just a study, they are not going to implement it, and pay equity is not mentioned anywhere in the budget implementation act. Is that not the real reason they are invoking closure? It is because they do not want Canadians to know what is not in the budget implementation act


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