IN THE HOUSE ~ Question to Government House Leader on upcoming House business

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I have good news for all Canadians and that is that there are only 11 sitting weeks in the life of this Parliament and in the life of this government before Canadians will actually have the opportunity to cast their judgment on the last four years of this government and the last 10 years of the Conservative government. I know many Canadians can hardly wait to cast their ballots and change the government.

    The bad news is that the intolerance of the government for democratic debate continues to grow. Earlier today we had the 89th imposition of time allocation or closure. In the history of Parliament, there has never been any government that has even come close to not respecting democratic debate, but for the 89th time it imposed closure or time allocation.

    The government will say it is just being efficient, it does not believe in debate, but the reality is, this government has had more pieces of legislation rejected by the courts than any other government in Canadian history. Its legislation is often poorly written, often filled with holes and loopholes. It simply cannot get legislation right. The idea that imposing time allocation and closure somehow leads to more efficiency, the reality is they have to reintroduce bills to fix the problems that the previous bills it railroaded through the House of Commons caused, because they are poorly crafted, often written on the back of a napkin and poorly written.

    In that context, I would simply like to ask the government House leader what is on the government's agenda for the week after the constituency week next week.

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