IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ Pipeline leaks and spills have tripled under this Conservative government

41st Parliament, 2nd Session ~ Context : Question Period

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the minister should read the Transportation Safety Board statistics, because Conservative spin does not make Canadians safer, only action does.

Pipeline leaks and spills have tripled under this Conservative government, and this is even more troubling because the Conservatives have weakened the assessment rules so that projects can go ahead now with even less due diligence.

Canadians deserve better. Why are the Conservatives acting so irresponsibly? Why are they acting so recklessly? Why will this Conservative government not put the safety of Canadians first?

Hon. Joe Oliver (Minister of Natural Resources, CPC): Mr. Speaker, that question is a bit rich coming from a party that voted against increased pipeline inspections and fines for polluters.

The National Energy Board is a strong independent regulator that ensures pipeline safety. We have increased the number of inspections by 50%. We have doubled the number of audits. We have put forward fines for companies that break Canada's rigorous environmental protections. We require pipeline operators to have $1 billion in financial capacity to ensure taxpayers are not on the hook.

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