Question - on the Trans Mountain pipeline project

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Mr. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NDP): Mr. Speaker, tomorrow Liberals are planning to announce their rubber stamp approval on Trans Mountain after pouring $5 billion of taxpayers' money into it.

The project will need at least another $10 billion from taxpayers, and former Liberal minister David Anderson, and so many others, say that this project has no business case. The project is not in the interest of our coast, indigenous communities, our planet or everyday Canadians. It is in the interest of shareholders of big oil and gas companies.

Instead of another rubber stamp approval, why do Liberals not side with Canadians tomorrow and cancel the Trans Mountain expansion project?

Hon. Amarjeet Sohi (Minister of Natural Resources, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, on the one hand we have Conservatives who do not get the environment. On the other hand we have the New Democrats who do not get the environment.

We are moving forward, building a strong economy, creating jobs for the middle class, and at the same time taking action on climate, ensuring that we are putting a price on pollution, ensuring that we are taking action by phasing out coal, and making sure that we meaningfully engage with indigenous communities.

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