IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ on British Columbians' opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline project

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, a new poll has confirmed what previous polls have said and what those of us who have listened to British Columbians already know, that being that people in British Columbia do not want the northern gateway pipeline. The risk that it poses to our rivers, our lakes, our coast and our economy is simply too high and it threatens good jobs that depend on a clean environment.

    Therefore, I have to ask this question. What is it about “noâ€� that the government does not understand? Why does the minister want to ram through a project that British Columbians clearly oppose?

    Hon. Joe Oliver (Minister of Natural Resources, CPC): Mr. Speaker, as the member opposite should know, the Government of Canada has six months from the time the favourable joint review panel gave its report and we will not comment until then.



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