IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ Job losses at Bombardier / Air Canada Public Participation Act

Here's the video:

M. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NPD): Monsieur le Président, les anciens employés d'Aveos se sentent trahis. Après avoir gagné deux fois en cour contre Air Canada pour sauver leurs emplois à Montréal, Winnipeg et Mississauga, on apprend que le gouvernement veut changer la loi pour dispenser Air Canada de ses obligations.

Avant les élections, le premier ministre avait promis de se battre pour ces anciens employés. Hier, la réponse du premier ministre a été clairement à côté de la traque.

Alors pourquoi le gouvernement abandonne-t-il les 2 600 travailleurs sans emploi d'Aveos?

Hon. Scott Brison (President of the Treasury Board, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, air service, support, and the aeronautics industry, is a key industry for Canada. This government understands that. We are working with all stakeholders. We will continue to do that. For instance, we are concerned with the recent issues around Bombardier. We are pleased to see Air Canada purchasing the CS300 series planes from Bombardier. This is really important.

However, members should make no mistake about it. Our government understands the importance of the aeronautical industry, and we will continue to invest in it, support it, and work with its employees and stakeholders.

Mr. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NDP): Mr. Speaker, if the Liberals understood the importance they would not be abandoning 2,600 families, and that is what they are doing.

Before the election, the Liberals promised they would defend Avios jobs. Now the minister and the government say they will reopen the Air Canada Public Participation Act. This legislation was implemented to protect good aerospace jobs in Winnipeg, Montreal, and Mississauga. Why are the Liberals planning to remove these legal protections for thousands of good aerospace maintenance jobs across Canada? Why will they not stand up for these good Canadian jobs?

Hon. Scott Brison (President of the Treasury Board, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, our government is not only standing up for Canadian jobs, we are actually investing in creating Canadian jobs. We are investing in science, we are investing in innovation, we are investing in infrastructure, the kinds of investments that will create the jobs of today and tomorrow, because we understand the importance of investing in Canadians and investing in Canadian innovation.

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