IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ Government's failure to act puts our environment, health & economy at risk

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the environment commissioner was clear. The failure of the government to act puts not just our environment and our health but, also, our economy at risk.

    The government's record? After years of promises, it failed to put into place liability protection, risking billions of dollars in cleanup costs that would devastate the economy.

    And, of course, federal regulations limiting greenhouse gases for the oil and gas sector are completely missing. They are AWOL, like a Tory senator in Prince Edward Island.

    Why is the minister refusing to act? Why is he putting our environment and our economy at risk?

    Ms. Michelle Rempel (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank my colleague for the question because it gives me an opportunity to remind him that it is under our government that we have seen a stabilization of greenhouse gas emission growth in this country while our economy grew, which is something the NDP does not want to see.

    I would also like to remind my colleague opposite of what the Environment Commissioner said on his body of work on a television program two days ago: “I have more confidence in the system than I did going inâ€�.

    Our government is getting the job done.

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