IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ Does the minister know when the guidelines will be delivered on Nexen?

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the truth is the Minister of Industry continues to bungle the CNOOC-Nexen deal.

     There is no transparency in the process, no clear criteria for net benefit, and he missed the deadline for the national security review. Even company CEOs, like those at Petronas are saying:

At this point the whole industry has no clue.

    Now the chief of staff is doing the minister's job. Conservatives do not have confidence. Canadians do not have confidence. How can anyone have confidence in this minister when no one can trust him to do his job?

    When will the chief of staff deliver these so-called new rules? Does the minister have a clue?

    Hon. Christian Paradis (Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture), CPC): Mr. Speaker, simply put, we know the NDP has a radical agenda. It wants to block everything, no investment, no trade, and a carbon tax.

    This is not our approach. We are a responsible government. We will have foreign investment, but we have to make sure that it does provide net benefit for Canada. Canadians can be assured that all transactions will be fully scrutinized and each decision made will be in the best interests of Canadians.

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