IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ Conservatives ignoring concerns from across BC about the Northern Gateway pipeline

    Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, it is not just the coast guard. Conservatives have also wilfully ignored concerns from across British Columbia about the Northern Gateway pipeline.

    Concerns have come from the coast, from communities along the proposed route and first nations, and these voices of British Columbians have been dismissed by the government.

    These years have been clear. We want to protect our sensitive coastal environment and we want to protect the good jobs that come from a clean environment.

    Why are Conservatives refusing to listen? Why are they gutting our environmental protection laws? Why are they running roughshod over British Columbians?

    Mr. David Anderson (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources and for the Canadian Wheat Board, CPC): Mr. Speaker, nothing could be further from the truth and the member opposite knows that. He knows full well that the Northern Gateway pipeline is being reviewed by an independent panel. That panel is basing its determination on science, not on, in spite of what he would like, partisanship.

    The review is an open process. People have been able to come and make their presentations. Interested parties, including aboriginal groups, have come and expressed their views.

    The member opposite should take his own advice and be willing to listen to the people. We will see where this project goes when the review is done.

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