IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ Conservatives fail to meet the needs of Canada's veterans

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): What we did not miss was that the Conservatives closed nine service offices across the country, Mr. Speaker.

    Conservatives show no sense of compassion for veterans, just shallow talking points, more hollow boasting and childish attacks on the opposition.

    Can we have some sense of shame from Conservatives about their failure to meet the basic needs of veterans? Will the Prime Minister now admit to veterans that their closing of regional offices, their court battles with veterans, their denial of benefits have been wrong? When will they finally take responsibility and apologize to our nation's veterans?

    Mr. Parm Gill (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs, CPC): Mr. Speaker, as I mentioned earlier, we announced additional mental health support for Canada's veterans, armed forces personnel and family members. There will now be 25 operational stress injury clinics across our country.

    We are providing the benefits and services that our veterans so dearly need. When it comes to standing up for Canada's veterans, our government has a strong record, even though the opposition continues to vote against these measures.

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