IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ calling on the PM to take action on these unfair loopholes

You can watch the video of Peter's question here:

Mr. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NDP): Mr. Speaker, to make matters worse, they are still signing treaties with tax havens. That is a fact.

    The Prime Minister could act now on certain issues. More than $3 billion is being lost due to tax loopholes like stock option deductions. More than $10 billion in tax dollars are ending up in tax havens, while Canadians go without housing and medication and many first nations communities have no clean drinking water. It is a matter of choice.

     Will the Prime Minister take action on these unfair loopholes?

Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): 

    Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to be able to answer the member's question by talking about what we are doing on social housing.

     Working with the provinces, we are investing $40 billion in affordable social housing across the country. These are historic and unprecedented investments. We are investing in our indigenous communities to end boil water advisories nationwide by 2021. We are also investing in Canadians in need and middle-class Canadians through the Canada child benefit. We are going to continue to invest in those in need.

Mr. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NDP): 

    Mr. Speaker, the truth is, we have never seen so much inequality in this country as under this Prime Minister's watch.

    The truth is that this Prime Minister simply does not know how to say no to wealthy Canadians who want to escape taxes by taking their money overseas. That hurts Canadians: Canadians who cannot pay for medication, Canadians who are on the streets because there is so little affordable housing, and indigenous communities that have no drinking water.

    Why does the Prime Minister not take action on tax havens so Canadians can have pharmacare, affordable housing, and safe drinking water?

Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): 

    Mr. Speaker, as I said, we have and will continue to take action on tax avoidance and tax evasion, but it is nice that the members opposite are bringing up pharmacare, because we recognize on this side of the House that Canadians pay too much for prescription drugs, and our government is taking bold action now to bring down prices. We joined the provinces and territories as a member of the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance, which negotiates lower drug prices on behalf of public drug plans. Through budget 2017, we are investing over $140 million to help improve access to pharmaceuticals and to support innovations within the health care system. We are going to continue to ensure that Canadians can better afford the—

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