IN THE HOUSE ~ Question ~ Budget 2018 and the homelessness crisis

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    Mr. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NDP): Mr. Speaker, the budget delivered yesterday literally leaves Canadians out in the cold and we see the homeless crisis every day in British Columbia. Tens of thousands of Canadians are sleeping out in the parks and main streets of our country and the Prime Minister says wait until the next election, wait for a few more years, wait until Liberals are good and ready to put adequate funds into housing.

     Homeless Canadians have waited two and a half years while the government is focused on loopholes for the super-rich. Why does he not take action? Why do the homeless always finish behind the super-rich for the Prime Minister?

    Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, on the contrary, over the past two years we have made significant investments in helping the most vulnerable in our country. We brought forward the Canada child benefit that is lifting hundreds of thousands of kids out of poverty and reducing child poverty by 40%.

     In this budget we are moving forward with a Canada workers benefit that is going to lift tens of thousands of low-income workers out of poverty. On top of that, we are moving forward with a national housing strategy of $40 billion overall that is going to go to homelessness, is going to help affordable housing, and help with housing affordability.


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