IN THE HOUSE ~ Peter's Statement to the Filipino-Canadian Community

41st Parliament, 2nd Session ~ Context : Questions and Comments

Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP):

Long live the Philippines. Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas.

Mr. Chair, I think all of us as members of Parliament here in the House of Commons join together to speak with the Filipino-Canadians from across this country, from coast to coast to coast, and indeed with all those around the world who have been very concerned by the tragic events that took place just a few days ago.

I would like to particularly speak to the community in Burnaby—New Westminster, the Filipino-Canadians who are mobilizing across the lower mainland, and many other residents in the lower mainland of British Columbia who are mobilizing right now to provide support.

This is the time, of course, given the fact that the aid needs to be delivered now to the victims of super Typhoon Haiyan. This is also the time, because the government is matching those funds, for the communities to mobilize.

I would like to say that we support the government in its rapid response to what the official opposition, NDP and so many Canadians across the country said was needed, an immediate response. The government has reacted promptly, and this is extremely important.

We also know that this is a new class of super-typhoon, and that Canada needs to engage with other countries. Once we have moved from burying the dead, feeding the hungry, giving aid to the injured and rebuilding the Philippines, internationally we have to work so that this type of super-typhoon does not come again.

I would like to say again:

Long live the Philippines. Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas.

I hope the member joins with me in this.

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