IN THE HOUSE ~ Liberals are stacking the board of the infrastructure bank with wealthy supporters

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Context : Supplementary Question

    Mr. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NDP): Mr. Speaker, any appointment process that makes sure mostly Liberals are appointed is not fair, open, or transparent in any way. These appointments of Liberal insiders and supporters is just old-fashioned cronyism at the infrastructure bank. While Canadians are waiting for infrastructure projects that are years overdue, while Canadians wait for housing, Liberals are stacking the board with wealthy supporters.

    Why does the government not put Canadians' interests ahead of the Liberal Party and replace the discredited infrastructure bank with public investment in infrastructure?

    Mr. Marc Miller (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, let me repeat this in English. The Canada Infrastructure Bank is an important part of our government's 12-year $186 billion plan to build strong, sustainable, and inclusive communities across Canada, as we promised to do so during the last election. The diverse group of leaders who compose the board bring a wide range of experience to the bank and attract private capital to invest alongside public dollars in building more infrastructure in the public interest.

    Let me be clear that political affiliation was neither a qualifying nor a disqualifying criteria for prospective board members, and the member will note there was a donation to the NDP within that board.

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