IN THE HOUSE ~ Harper government's mismanagement of temporary foreign workers program

   Mr. Peter Julian (Burnaby—New Westminster, NDP): Mr. Speaker, Kevin Page, Marc Mayrand and even Sheila Fraser have all seen how ugly the government can get. It is time to change the government. Here is another reason why.

     Its mismanagement on temporary foreign workers has led to Canadians losing their jobs. Here is more breaking news. We have learned that the number of temporary foreign workers in the manufacturing sector has doubled from 8,600 in 2006 when the government took power to almost 17,000 in 2012.

    Why has there been such a staggering increase? Why is the government showing such clear incompetence?

    Mr. Scott Armstrong (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment and Social Development, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the purpose of the temporary foreign worker program is to provide temporary help when acute labour shortages exist.

    Our government sent a strong message to employers that they must always give Canadians first crack at any available job.

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