IN THE HOUSE ~ GHG emissions continue to rise under the New Liberal government

You can watch the video here:

M. Peter Julian (New Westminster-Burnaby, NPD): Madame la Présidente, , le premier ministre signe aujourd'hui l'Accord de Paris sur les changements climatiques.

Malheureusement, le premier ministre semble vouloir poursuivre les mêmes cibles que celles sous les conservateurs, et les libéraux semblent en être satisfaits.

Mis à part de belles paroles et de belles images, rien n'a vraiment changé avec ce nouveau premier ministre. Il a le même plan, le même échéancier et les mêmes cibles que les conservateurs, et il semble en être très content.

Comment le premier ministre va-t-il respecter sa signature alors qu'il n'a aucun plan pour atteindre les objectifs de Paris?

Mr. Jonathan Wilkinson (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Lib.): Madam Speaker, this government came to power after 10 years of inaction on the part of the previous government with respect to climate change. In the short six months that we have been in power, we have launched a pan-Canadian process to address this on a critical basis. We have actually been part of constructive, part of actually achieving the Paris agreement. Today, on Earth Day, I think Canadians are extremely proud that our Prime Minister is in New York to be one of the first signatories to the historic Paris agreement.

Mr. Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby, NDP): Madam Speaker, talk is certainly cheap and Liberal talking points are even cheaper. But when it comes to Liberals talking about climate change without actually doing anything, the results are actually very expensive. Liberals signed the Kyoto accord with a promise to reduce emissions. By the time they left office, emissions had soared. Environment Canada just reported that they continue to rise under the new Liberal government. What a failure.

The Liberals claim to have a plan, so here is a very simple question: How many tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are Liberals projecting to reduce in each of the next three years? No more talking points, just give some answers.

Mr. Jonathan Wilkinson (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Lib.): Madam Speaker, unlike my colleague on the other side of the House, this government recognizes that Canada is a federation and it actually involves the provinces. We are working actively with our provincial and territorial colleagues to develop a pan-Canadian process to reducing carbon emissions and to actually developing a robust, clean growth economy.

We are proud of the work that we have done. We are proud of the work that our Prime Minister has done. We are proud of the fact that he is one of the first signatories on this agreement in New York today.

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