FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Liberals are leaving Canadian families to fend for themselves

NDP House Leader Peter Julian made the following statement: 

“Today, the Bank of Canada announced the biggest increase to interest rates in over 20 years. Canadians are already struggling to keep up with the rising costs of groceries, gas and rent – and today they got hit with another added expense on their debt. The Liberals have abandoned families who are trying to make ends meet while continuing to support rich companies. 

Under the Liberals, rising costs have hit an almost forty-year high. But it isn't the wages of hardworking people that are driving inflation, it is corporate profits and greed that are jacking up costs. Grocery stores, oil and gas companies and big box stores are making a fortune off hardworking Canadians. Workers are not causing inflation and they should not be the ones paying for it. 

While Canadian families are falling further behind financially, Justin Trudeau’s government keeps choosing to stand by while Canadians pay even more in interest to big banks already making massive profits. Families are making tough choices about what groceries they can and cannot afford while the Liberals let the ultra-rich make record profits off the backs of workers.

Instead of taking action to help families, the Liberal government offered reannouncements that won’t put money back in peoples’ pockets. Under the Liberals, families will only receive an extra seven dollars on their GST tax credit. The Liberals are completely out-of-touch with the reality millions of families are facing. Seven dollars won’t help people struggling to buy groceries or pay their mortgages. 

New Democrats know that letting workers and families shoulder the burden of increasing costs is wrong. We don't work for the rich and powerful; we work for you and your family. That’s why we’ve been pushing the Liberals to tax the profits of oil and gas companies and giant grocery chains and to redistribute this money to everyday people. We’ll keep pushing the government to double the GST rebate and add $500 to every Canada Child Benefit to get $1000 back into peoples’ pockets.”

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