FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - It’s about time Canada stop the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline project

NEW WESTMINSTER – Today, NDP MP Peter Julian (New Westminster - Burnaby) submitted Motion M-94 calling on the Trudeau government to immediately stop the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline project. MP Julian also called on the Parliamentary Budget Officer to conduct an ongoing and thorough review of the financial viability of the pipeline expansion. 

"It's crystal clear that the government made a bad decision in buying this pipeline and defending it to the hilt. It's a project that undermines our efforts to reduce GHGs, it's a project that doesn't create sustainable jobs, it puts our environment, our municipalities and our communities at risk," said Julian. “Furthermore, it is clear that this project represents a net financial loss for the government. In other words, no matter what the Liberals say, this project is a money pit that does not reflect our commitment to an energy transition.”

“The Prime Minister has no credibility when he announced last April that he wanted to further reduce GHGs," continued Julian, "while his government continues to support a dirty oil project that jeopardizes Canada’s commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement, makes no economic sense, and displays an alarming lack of respect for Indigenous Peoples’ Title and Rights.

The most recent report from the International Energy Agency clearly shows that there is no longer a need to invest in or build new fossil fuel projects if we're to avoid catastrophic climate change. Even Environment and Climate Change Canada and Canada's energy regulator had to order a halt to construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline through a forest in Burnaby, British Columbia to protect species-at-risk. All this while Trans Mountain loses more insurers who’ve withdrawn from this project, causing additional delays to construction.

"The choice of the people and the experts is clear, the government must immediately stop construction of Trans Mountain, stop giving billions in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and instead move forward with a made-in-Canada Green New Deal and invest, without further delay, in a clean energy transition that brings workers along towards a carbon-neutral future," concludes Mr. Julian. 

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