Term:              First Year in Government

Supervisor:    New Democratic Opposition, on behalf of Canadians


Fair Elections

Canadians are encouraged by the work of the Special Committee on Electoral Reform and remain hopeful that Canada will adopt a proportional voting system.
Promising work so far, but don’t forget the 2019 due date! Extensions are NOT permitted.


Climate Change

The Liberal government adopted Stephen Harper’s completely inadequate emissions reduction targets has no feasible way to meet their commitments in the Paris Agreement on climate.
Sometimes copies work of former students. *See Health Care*


Health Care

Liberals are going ahead with Conservative cuts to health transfers that will take $1.1 billion out of health care in the next year and $36 billion long term.
Sometimes copies work of former students. *See Climate Change*


Human Rights

Instead of working across party lines, the Liberals voted down an NDP motion calling for oversight of arms exports to protect civilians from human rights abuses.
More cooperation with others is required.


First Nations Education

First Nations education was a big election promise for the Liberals, but now they’ve cut their funding commitment by $801 million and are even fighting fair treatment for First Nations children in court.


Environmental Assessment

After promising to fix it, Trudeau’s government continues to use Harper’s broken environmental assessment process to approve controversial projects like Pacific Northwest LNG and the Site C dam in BC.
Needs to be redone completely!


Teacher’s Note:


Justin Trudeau is very talkative and likes to make big promises, but his actions don’t always match his words.

We’re optimistic about some of the progress he’s made, but the Prime Minister really needs to do a better job taking constructive criticism from his NDP classmates.

And while we don’t want to stifle his creativity or self-expression, Mr. Trudeau does spend a bit too much time taking selfies during school hours.

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