FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ~ The deaf and hard-of-hearing should have fair access to the Disability Tax Credit

OTTAWA – Today, Peter Julian (New Westminster-Burnaby) tabled Bill C-263, An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (hearing impairment), which would enhance access inclusiveness for people with hearing disabilities by allowing them fair access to the Disability Tax Credit.

“Canadians with hearing impairments should receive the tax break they deserve. This bill recognizes the reality that these Canadians face, and I am proud to sponsor a bill that prioritizes their well-being,� said Julian.

The current regulations are unfair and do not reflect real-life situations in our communities; Bill C-263 would resolve this by:

• Amend “quiet setting� to be a “normal setting� for sound levels in tests

• Altering the eligibility requirement so a person qualifies if they are unable to understand “another person,� rather than “a person familiar to them.�

• Removing the requirement that the person must be wearing an “assisted listening device� when their degree of impairment is being assessed

“These changes represent a long overdue need that deaf and hard-of-hearing Canadians be treated fairly and equitably by our tax system,� Julian said. “Our current arrangement is neither fair nor just, and now is the time to end this problem.�


For more information, please contact: Office of Peter Julian, [email protected]

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