MP Peter Julian calls on the Liberals to give support to ALL persons living with disabilities

“After a month and a half of the NDP dragging and pushing and forcing the Trudeau government to give Covid 19 support benefits to people living with disabilities, it is absolutely unacceptable that ONLY those who are qualified for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) get this support!� Julian said.

“The Disability Tax Credit is a discredited tool because many people with disabilities either don’t know about it, can’t pay for the medical confirmation, or get rejected due to increasingly restrictive rules�, said Julian. Less than 40% of Canadians with severe disabilities have access to the DTC. Julian added, “I have done over 600 DTC town halls across Canada to help people get the Disability Tax Credit and know how dysfunctional the federal system is for persons living with disabilities.�

In fact, only a minority of people with disabilities are qualified for the DTC, while 60% fall through the cracks. “While various federal financial institutions could come up with $750 billion to help big banks within weeks and months of this health crisis, people living with disabilities have been made to wait for a long time or have constantly had to fight for a meagre amount of financial support from the liberal government!�, Julian said.

“We are demanding that the federal government provide universal emergency response support to all people living with disabilities immediately and without any further delay�, concluded Julian.

Media Contact: Doris Mah at the Office of Peter Julian (604-353-3107)

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