- Topping up your prescription, not toppling your budget. Canadian families will save more than $500 a year on average – even if they have insurance at work or school. And businesses currently providing health insurance will save around $600 per employee, and be confident that their whole employee team is covered.

- Saving money means saving lives. Bulk buying on medication undercuts inflated prescription costs set by private companies, and lets us lower costs dramatically by negotiating prices as a country. We can save $4.2 billion and use that money to give better coverage to all Canadians.

- Use your health card, not your credit card. No more worrying about paying your deductible, co-pay, or premium. No more stress over how you’ll fill your kid’s prescription and still buy groceries. No more anxiety about your friends and family who need expensive medications to stay healthy – all you’ll need is your health card, and you’ll get the medication your doctor says you need.

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