10,000 Families Helped! Constituency Stories – “An ID Predicament”

In the past year, a few naturalized Canadians in our riding have lost all their ID (lost wallet, break-in etc.) and have found themselves stuck in the middle of a spat between the provincial and federal governments. ICBC doesn’t recognize the new citizenship certificates the federal government is issuing so you can’t get a driver’s license or BC Services Card without your passport…but without government issued photo ID (like a driver’s license or Services Card)…you can’t get a passport. It’s a big vicious circle for naturalized Canadians – no passport with no photo ID, but no photo ID with no passport!

We’ve been working on one case like this for over a year going back and forth with our provincial counterparts and the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration’s office. It was very frustrating – mostly for our constituent who had been struggling to get proper ID for years. When we finally got confirmation that our constituent was being granted a passport with special consideration, it was very exciting! Our constituent will now be able to use his new passport to get his BC Services Card back. Another true constituency success story – here’s hoping we can get the same outcome for the other constituents in this ID predicament.

It just goes to show how important the work constituency offices do is – and how hard-working my staff are!

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