Every single issue here depends on how our governments are elected, and we need reform

We won't be able to accomplish any of our goals - on the environment, on income inequality, on hunger and poverty - until we fix our electoral system, so that Canadians can finally vote for what we stand for instead of simply against what they fear. If we don't fix this, Canada will continue to drift towards a two-party system, like what we see in the United States.

Every time we are told at the door "I'd love to vote NDP, but I have to vote Liberal to stop the Conservatives" it's not because we're not sufficiently progressive, or are short on inspiring ideas. It's because our electoral system is fundamentally broken. Canadians are manipulated into "strategic voting", instead of holding the Liberals and Conservatives accountable. Without reform, what hope do we have of convincing Canadians to believe a social democratic future for Canada is possible. That's not what a democratic country looks like!

Until we accomplish reform, we can't say the outcome of elections are a true reflection of what Canadians believe, as much a reflection of which corporate-backed party was able to manipulate their fears. This isn't just a special interest issue, or an issue just for political junkies. We're talking about the fate of our democracy! We're talking about whether or not Canadians should be able to elect their governments based on their hopes and dreams for the future. That's more important than just one more campaign plank. It's too important to be relegated to the back pages of our platform. This has to be the top priority for an NDP government, and it must be an issue we refuse to let go by the wayside in the next election!

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