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Inspiring a Nation

I have loved politics since I was little. I remember being in grade 4 when Jack Layton and the NDP had their election break through. I like so many was inspired by Jack. He truly made me believe that a better Canada was possible. That summer when I was ten years old I remember coming home from summer camp and my dad telling me Jack Layton had died. I was devastated and cried all night. The man who had inspired so many and who I had believed would be Canadas next Prime Minister had died. For the next few years, I stayed involved in politics becoming a legislative page and encouraging people I knew to vote regardless of their party lines. I was disappointed in the 2015 election when the NDP were no longer fighting for a progressive Canada but a centrist one. Finally this summer I read the orange wave. I remember why I had been so inspired by Jack and the NDP. and decided that now that I was 15 I would join the NDP and support a leader who would embrace Jack's message to the world. "My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world." Peter Julian is that leader. I believe he will fight for our environment, the protection of women, the support for students and like Jack inspire a nation.

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We need to end the Liberal false majority government of major betrayals

I am one of the fools who voted for the Liberals last election because I really believed in Justin Trudeau. And I am in Papineau riding, so I put my naive, idiotic X by his name, not another Liberal candidate's name. Can you imagine how I feel now? I think Justin Trudeau should pay for his long list of betrayals with his seat. I will get strongly behind whatever candidate has the best chance of taking his seat from him, or at least giving him a run for his money. IF the NDP comes out strongly in favour of proportional representation and runs a strong candidate in Papineau I will work hard to help that person TAKE JUSTIN TRUDEAU'S SEAT. And in terms of the NDP leadership, I will vote for whoever is most likely to run a strong, hard campaign to remove the Liberals from power in 2019!

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Pragmatic Progressive

For as long as I've been eligible to vote, I've been a supporter of the NDP. I did my homework on all the party positions, and the NDP just made sense. Why wouldn't someone want to live in a Canada where everybody was included, instead of just the very rich and well-connected? I was born and raised in Quebec, so aligning myself with the NDP was done from a perspective of personal morality rather than as an easy path to power. This is part of the reason why I was drawn to Tom Mulcair's leadership. Over the years, I've been particularly drawn to the work of Peter Julian on a variety of issues. I've heard from many people that he is a approachable, honest and genuinely cares about his riding and the people in it. He's fluently bilingual, which was and still is uncommon for BC MP's, and seems very "un-politician like". I got a chance to really speak with him at the 2016 Edmonton convention and he helped me out with an issue that was weighing heavily on me in my personal life. It was then that I was sure that, should Tom Mulcair not continue as our leader, I would encourage Peter to run and - should he do so - I would support his campaign. And here we are. :)

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