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Poverty! Homelessness! Housing or not! Affordability or Not affordable.

Many people struggling economically ,including unemployed, those on disability pension, people in low pay jobs,many working part time. Some become homeless! Often housing is unaffordable . Getting out of reach for many. Many can't find housing. May cause depression,many mentally I'll & those living with addictions & different disabilities living on the streets.

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Reducing Health Care Costs by Improving Dietary Guidelines

since 1977 Diabetes Type 2 has risen exponential and cotinues to rise to a critical mass world wide. By changing the guidelines we can reduce the occurence of diabetes T 2, put current diabetics in remission, and reduce compiclations of diabetes. These include heart disease, heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, depression, some cancers and depression, The Science has come a long way since we started demonizing fat. Doctors around the world with a new approach to a healthy diet based on science are working together to make this happen. However, funding by big food and big pharma is blocking this very effectively. I respectfully suggest that you contact Dr.Jason Fung in Scarborough Ont and Dr Jay Wortman at UBC. Dr Fung has written 2 books: The Obesity Code" and "The Complete Guide to Fasting" His program, called Intensive Dietary Management has helped thousands of patients all over the world with the cooperation of their local family doctors. Dr Wortman worked to devise an experiment testing dietary changes n a remote Aboriginal community off the north coast of Vancouver Island. The experiment was aired in a documentary on CBC. called My Big Fat Diet in 2008. See article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/west-coast-aboriginal-community-tests-low-carb-diet-1.700710 This is a revolutionary approach total goes against the current attitudes toward diet. However, along with the many healthcare professionals and their successful patients are living proof that these new strategies actually work. However, there is a lot of political and financial opposition. to the extent that Professor Tim Noakes in South Africa has been charged with unprofessional conduct. This is definitely a David and Goliath confrontation. But there are many many Davids around the world willing to risk their profession livelihoods by speaking out publicly. I know you love a good cause. This is definitely one, But I urge you to check out the references I gave so that you can make up your own mind. This is the first time that a politician has actually requested direct open ended submissions on the issues they feel passionate about. I know that you will be receiving many responses from people who have many important issues. I hope that you will give serious consideration to my issue. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Birgit Apitius M8W 1B1 Watch here: https://zerocarbzen.com/2015/04/25/my-big-fat-diet-documentary-by-dr-jay-wortman/ Dr, Peter Attia was born and raised in Toronto and did his undergrad studies at Queen's University. He currently practics in San Diego, California

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Universal Basic Income

Myself and a lot of other millenials work in STEM fields, and find a future of automation and roboticization not only inevitable, but an exciting prospect. We do not believe that meaning in life comes from one's day job, but from the freedom to explore our passions, to become better educated, and to function in society without financial struggle. That's why many of us agree with technologists who are calling for Universal Basic Income. With so many jobs being automated, we believe this should free up the general population to work less, and to have more time to spend with their families, or to pursue education and hobbies, to contribute to society in ways other than working hours. You spoke last week in the Montreal Youth debate about combating increased automation with jobs, but I don't believe this to be a sustainable long-term strategy. In fact, it may stifle innovation and put undue pressure on our society to work when there is less of a need. I want a leader who looks at a bright technological future for our society.

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There is too much technology. Please read Habermas to realize that every act of technological production and consumption releases heat into the environment (new technologies should be tested by the precautionary principle). Land reform for farmers should be on the table (debt forgiveness) and the Scandanavian approach of regulating public behavior (esp. conspicuous consumption) for the sake of the environment is a sin qua non. The question remains how we can mediate economic welfare with environmental sustainability. Thank you for your knowledge of public policy. Lawrence Donegan

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Leap Manifesto

As we, as humans, become more aware of the increasing apparentness of climate change impact on our economy, limited resources and infrastructures - it is clear that Canada as a whole cannot sit by and wait to feel the full brunt of impending climate change before taking action. Think of the Titanic analogy, the ship officers knew they were entering a field of icebergs but waited too late out of uncertainty in darkness, before trying to change the ship's course from the iceberg. Unfortunately, we know how that turned out. The Leap Manifesto itself, as I understand, was written by numerous stakeholders from all walk of life across Canada that addresses the social division, environmental deterioration (as well as tragedy of the commons) and economic fragility (e.g. layoff of workers due to global prices of oil) across Canada. Materials provided in conjunction with the Leap Manifesto also shown how to pay for all the recommendations by simply re-orienting our spending priorities (e.g. halting subsidies for big oil and gas). The theme of the Leap Manifesto? A green economy will lead to stable employments, strengthening social bonds, and hardened environmental protection. Let's pretend that climate change turns out to be a hoax, would that mean we would create a better country for nothing? http://healthculturesociety.wikispaces.com/file/view/Climate-Cartoon.jpg/270817436/Climate-Cartoon.jpg

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