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the next debt crisis, within a year or two

Global debt levels are 70% higher than in 2008, according to McKinsey Consultants. The US Fed saved many countries from the last crisis, this one is likely to be too large. The solutions being promoted by the IMF and BIS would probably result in loss of sovereignty and social programs here in Canad, but we have no solution ready..

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I would like to see an initiative to help spur Canadian manufacturing.

Thanks Peter for running in the leadership campaign. I'm glad to see a candidate who's open to new ideas of doing things. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to set up a similar service to the Ontario Food Terminal Board, but for manufactured goods. I note that businesses are expected to both manufacture goods and then sell them (either be the seller on their own or sell their goods to a private dealer). Farmers, on the other hand, have the option (in Ontario) of applying for a Market Stall within the Terminal, at which point Buyers can come and pick up what they need (wholesale) to sell later (retail). This makes it easier for farmers to be connected with buyers. Perhaps something similar could be done with Canadian made manufactured items to get budding Canadian businesses who manufacture goods more easily connected with sellers. I feel it is important to encourage more Canadian manufacturing to stimulate a prosperous economy.

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More emphasis on single Canadians

Every election, parties focus on the needs of families while singles are consistently left out. If a single person lives in a condo or house, and a couple lives next door, a greater percentage of the singles' income goes towards the costs for the same square footage. This is unfair to the growing number of people delaying marriage, or opting out all together. Also, by not realizing that singles have fewer lifestyle retraints, you loose out on their economic contributions. Where is the incentive to vacation within Canada and contribute to local economies when going to the US or overseas doesn't have much of a financial deterrent. Many young, single people invest in their health and use costly fitness programs to do so. If I am potentially saving our healthcare funds by doing so, why am I not rewarded? Those are just a few examples, but there are more of you connect with people.

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Have a detailed, verifiable plan

I will support a candidate who has a clear laid out plan with foresight and verifiable facts to validate the actions they propose to take. I will support the candidate who clearly outlines these plans as best as possible before the election. I will not support the candidate who talks about the things that need to be done without discussing the paths necessary to go where we are aiming. This is important because a solid plan of action implies that a candidates goals match the platform they run on. It worries me to see bare-bones plans or speculation without solid supporting material. In an age where we can have a party that runs on a specific promise as an election platform - then reverse course with half-cocked reasoning - we need to ensure our candidates are accountable for the promises they make and the actions they take to implement them.

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I will be supporting a candidate who proposes basic minimum income.

Basic minimum income is a tenet of a true Socialist party. It is an equalizer of wealth which takes money from those who earn more than they deserve and passes it on to those who are in desperate need. Basic income immediately lifts every Canadian out of poverty, giving hard-working people the just boost they need to train for a better job, go to school, start a family, or finally be able to save for a home or contribute to an RRSP. It is simple and effective. I am a real New Democrat, and I support real Socialist principles.

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