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Progressive drug law reform.

It is a huge waste of tax money to criminalize people for non-violent drug crimes when we could be spending that money on socially beneficial things that make Canada better for everyone. I'm glad marijuana will eventually be legal in Canada but it doesn't go far enough. There should be no limit on the amount of plants you can have. It is a helpful, safe plant that should be widely available in many ways to all who want it. Current drug laws ruin people's life. My dad was arrested for marijuana trafficking and he still has that on his criminal record and it has restricted the kind of jobs he can be hired for. I feel it was unjust that my dad and my family were put through so much suffering due to unjust drug laws in this country. Something I wish policymakers knew is that psychedelics are very safe and low toxicity and would also be a good candidate for legalization. They are not physically addictive and spiritually important to many people like Pagans like me. Not many people know that other currently illegal drugs are also not physically addictive such as ketamine and MDMA. I understand that drugs like cocaine, heroin and other opioids, meth etc are physically addictive and ruin lives but I don’t think criminalizing people suffering addiction is an ethical thing for society to do. It leads to more deaths because you cannot test their drugs for contaminants legally. People should have the proper access to mental healthcare and support services to overcome addiction but I am just sick of this dishonest, racist, classist “war on drugs” that ruins so many good people’s lives. Marijuana and psychedelic use is not harmful and should be easily accessible and legal for people to use if they choose. No one should promote addictive drugs like meth but we need to help the people on it make sure they don’t have a dangerous tainted batch without fear of getting in trouble. I blame the drug war for the fact that so many people are dying of ODs this year. These people cannot wait for drug law reform!

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Ending the War on Drugs

It has to end, the Liberal government has taken a good step into legalizing marijuana, but I also think all other drugs should also be decriminalized. Crime will go down, drug use will go down, we'll save a lot on tax payer, and there will also be less overdoses happening. We should also pardon ALL non-violent drug offenders.

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10 Questions for Peter Julian

We have 10 Questions for the candidates for federal NDP Leader 1.The benefits of robotization and new technologies generally should be shared, not utilized to make the owners super rich and to drive more workers into poverty. Do you commit that under your leadership the NDP will fight for a reduction in the work week without a loss in pay or benefits? 2. About 235,000 Canadians become homeless every year, with 35,000 sleeping in shelters and on the streets on any given night. 1.7 million are unable to afford adequate, suitable shelter. Do you commit that under your leadership the NDP will demand the construction of half a million quality social housing units by means of a publicly-owned land assembly and housing construction enterprise? 3. For decades, NDP leaders have gone along with the New Cold War against Russia and China, and backed western military intervention abroad, including the bombing of Libya. Do you commit that under your leadership the NDP will demand that Canada get out of NATO immediately? 4. Do you commit that under your leadership the NDP will actively support the worldwide campaign backed by unions and parliamentary bodies to effect Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the Zionist apartheid state until its occupation of the West Bank ends? 5. Do you commit that under your leadership the NDP will demand a steeply progressive tax system, including the following measures: a) Tax Capital Gains Income at the same rate as employment income, bringing in $8 billion dollars b) Increase the Corporate Tax rate from 15% to 21%, bringing in $9 billion dollars c) Eliminate corporate stock options as a benefit, with a net savings of $600 million d) Cut Justin Trudeau’s “middle class tax cut” and enhance the Guaranteed Income Supplement and Child Benefits, and e) Increase income tax for earners with income over $200,000 to 40%, and for earners with income over $900,000 to 50%. 6. Do you commit that under your leadership the NDP will demand greatly expanded public ownership and economic democracy to include Canada’s railway system, major hydro, oil, gas and other energy corporations, the giant telecoms, and at least two of the major banks? 7. Do you commit that under your leadership the NDP will fight for a Green Industrial Revolution to shift rapidly from carbon and nuclear energy towards safe, clean and renewable energy technologies, and that this rapid transition be funded by conscripting the profits of big oil and gas, and put a high priority on the employment of displaced, indigenous and young workers? 8. For indigenous peoples, it’s time not just for “reconciliation” but restitution. If diamond mining corporations in the north can provide their employees world class housing, food, healthcare and recreation, they should do no less for Canada’s original peoples who deserve to share the wealth that has been plundered, or the resource extraction firms should face expropriation. Do you agree with that, and commit to a policy of No More Pipelines? 9. The NDP should be transformed from a mainly electoral machine into a vast social movement that fosters greater democracy. Do you commit that under your leadership the NDP will partner with unions and social justice groups, ensure more time for policy debate at its conventions, and make them more accessible rather than use them chiefly as a fund-raising exercise? Do you commit to end the present practice that allows party leaders to ignore adopted policies? Do you commit to increase funding of Electoral District Associations and put an end to top-down interference with local candidate nominations? 10. Do you commit that under your leadership the NDP will fight for a national Pharmacare and Dental Care programme, and a national $10 a day quality childcare service, to be funded by steeply progressive taxation? We want answers. The NDP Socialist Caucus is posing questions to the registered candidates for federal NDP Leader because we think that party members deserve to know where the candidates stand – beyond vague generalities and broad slogans. Do you agree? Would you like to help? See the SC’s 17-point platform for socialist leadership at: www.ndpsocialists.ca Call us at: 647-986-1917.

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Transgender Canadians' access to healthcare

i percieve the biggest problem facing the trans community (my community) to be the fact that transgender Canadians do not have equal access to healthcare. Whether seeking transition related care, such as access to life-saving hormone replacement therapy, or just going to a walk-in clinic to get antibiotics for the flu, trans Canadians face bigotry and ignorance from doctors who were never trained on how to treat trans people and who hold outdated understandings of gender non-conforming Canadians. My NDP is an NDP that stands up for the most vulnerable Canadians and trans Canadians, especially poor and racialized trans Canadians, make up one of the most vulnerable populations in the country. From employment discrimination, to housing discrimination, to police discrimination, transgender Canadians are disadvantaged in many fundemental ways in Canadian society. In order to effectively help the government needs data. As Statistics Canada does not collect statistics on our transgender citizens the only reliable data that exists is that collected by the academic research TransPulse Project in Ontario, a useful but geographically limited source. It is shameful that the government still does not collect statistics on trans Canadians in 2017; it is as if the government is saying we do not even exist. The following are my reccommendations for developing a trans healthcare strategy: 1) I would like the NDP to pledge to fight for the collection of statistics on trans Canadians in opposition and in government. 2) I would also like the NDP to call for a study on transgender access to healthcare across the country, with the aim of bolstering access in areas that are underserviced. 3) I would like to see the drugs used in hormone replacement therapy (estradiol, spironolactone, etc) included in any pharmacare program proposed. 4) The NDP should immediately pledge to create gender neutral federal ID so that every Canadian can have ID that reflects who they are.

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Ending Terrible trade deals and stopping the TPP

Ending trade deals, like CAFTA, would not only prevent companies from exploiting cheap foreign labour, but it would also help bring manufacturing jobs back to Canada. The TPP is terrible, it removes power from governments and people and hands it to multinational corperations, Canada cannot participate it it.

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