Affordable Phone Plans and Internet Packages

Canadians have to deal with some of the most expensive phone and internet plans in the world, and it should not be this way. Why are big telecom companies allowed to gouge us for an essential service such as internet? Recently, the CRTC ruled in favor of Rogers and eliminated any chance of the startup, Sugar Mobile, from providing Canadians with a cheaper alternative to the large telecom providers. While I agree with the ruling, based solely on the current CRTC policies in place, I believe that the CRTC has been ineffective at protecting Canadians from greedy business practices of the larger ISPs. The CRTC should have put in place policies to require ISPs to provide wholesale rates to companies such as Sugar Mobile. Sugar Mobile should have never had to operate underhandedly (by taking advantage of roaming deals with Rogers). But this issue is rarely brought up in Canadian politics (for some reason). While I understand it is not the most critical issue to address, it is an issue that we as Canadians face regardless of our political affiliation. Something as common sense as tackling internet/wireless rates should be on the platform of any candidate who truly cares about their constituents (even if it is a small part of that platform).

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