My top priority is to secure proportional representation for Canada.

We live in a so-called democracy where most votes are ineffective because votes that were cast for losing candidates or for candidates who would have won anyway do not actually elect anyone. This is fundamental. There can be no accountability worth its salt if most votes are ineffective. There can be no voter equality - no fairness or inclusion - because some voters count more than others.

This is an issue worth campaigning on, because a lot of people are angry that the Liberals broke their promise on electoral reform. In the recent five by-election, only one NDP candidate made a big issue of electoral reform - Emilie Taman in Ottawa-Vanier - and she was the only one to increase her vote share over 2015. Her share of the vote increased from 19% to 29%. If Ottawa-Vanier was not such a safe riding for the Liberals, the electoral reform issue might well have delivered this seat for the NDP. The NDP needs to make a bit issue of PR in 2019 and should be keeping the Liberals' feet to the fire on PR until then.

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